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St. Ambrose Catholic Church has approximately 890 registered families with a Catholic Elementary School serving students from Pre-K3 through 8th Grade. You will find a variety of spiritual opportunities and ministry opportunities.  We have a place for everyone.  You are WELCOME here and our doors are always open.

The History of Saint Ambrose Parish…Saint Ambrose was established to service the many Italian Roman Catholics that had immigrated to the St. Louis area to work on the Frisco and Missouri-Pacific Railroads between 1853 and 1890. The original frame church for the new parish was built in 1903 but was destroyed by fire in 1921.

Located at 5130 Wilson Avenue, at Marconi and Wilson, in the Heart of The Hill neighborhood, The parish was founded in 1903 and the church was built in 1926. Designed by architect Angelo Corrubia, it was modeled after Sant 'Ambrogio Church in Milan, Italy. Built in the Lombard Romanesque Revival style of brick and terra cotta, the interior has high barrel vault ceilings consisting of three naves, which are separated by arches that rest on six columns.

Another addition incorporated in the early 1970s was a statue of an immigrant by Rudy Torrini, which stands next to the church. A reminder of the sacrifices Italian immigrants made to create better lives for themselves and their families, it features a man holding a suitcase and a woman carrying a baby in her arms. 

St. Ambrose is nestled in the midst of restaurants, bars, shops and galleries, it remains a popular gathering place for members of the Italian community.  We hope to foster our tradition and celebrate our heritage with you as part of our St. Ambrose family.